SES 405 - Exploration Systems Engineering

SES 405 - Exploration Systems Engineering


This class has been conceived to deliver to students in the SESE BS with Engineering concentration an underlying knowledge of the principles of Systems Engineering. It is not our intent to fully train Systems Engineers, but rather to teach students the principles associated with system design and testing to lay the groundwork for their capstone project in the degree (SES 410/411). The larger goal of this program is to train engineering-literate scientists, and in that regard there will be an emphasis on the relationship between scientist and engineer in the creation of instruments, systems and missions through the application of the principles of Systems Engineering.

The instructor is Prof. Danny Jacobs. The class is open to all SESE students as space and interest provide. The class is structured around a template that was created by NASA through the University of Texas - Austin, but has been modified to meet the needs of the ESE BS. There will be a lot of reading concerning instrument and mission failure reports to learn from mistakes made in the field, to prevent such mistakes from happening again. Successful engineering is rooted in making mistakes, and taking risks, but those risks can be mitigated by application of methods and paradigms. We aim to explore those tools in this class.

This website is maintained as an online resource for students both here at ASU and elsewhere, as needed. Changes and additions will be posted from time to time and notice will be made through the headlines box on this banner page.

The inaugural delivery of this class was during Spring 2012.

Class Note Delivery

During the course, the notes delivered or presented during each class are also made available online as PDF documents to download and save for future reference. There is a lot of assigned reading, as laid out on the Class Curriculum page, and this reading has to be done before the class to which it is germane, so all the students are on the same page.

Assigned Texts

Class texts are detailed here, please visit this page for more information.

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